• Rainbow Farts Art

    Spreading smiles and good vibes thru art!

    Have a magical day!

    The Artist

    Susan Jean Tosches-Deneau is a mixed media Artist based out of Viva Las Vegas who loves experimenting with different mediums.

    Did you know?

     10% of all my sales are donated to my  charity partner, Three Square, to help feed Southern Nevadans in need  -yay!  Thank you for helping me help others through my art, you are  appreciated! 

    My Inspiration

    Inspiration can be found all around us and I love taking the time to slow down and look for it.

    What's with the name "Rainbow Farts Art"?

    The unicorn is my spirit animal and rainbow farting unicorns create smiles and laughter which the world needs more of. This business name reminds me to always have fun and to never take myself or my art too seriously. It reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life like the joy I get from art and creating. My art offerings are made with lots of love, intention, and good vibes so I'm always stoked when someone connects with a piece I've made and gives it a happy new home.

    We gladly accept all major credit cards, paypal, Bitcoin, & Ethereum! To pay via Bitcoin/Ethereum, simply email hello@rainbowfartsart.com for an invoice with instructions.