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Hi! I'm Susan :)


I'm the Artist behind Rainbow Farts Art, LLC. I love creating fun and whimsical art offerings with an alternative vibe.  I like experimenting with new ideas and materials, creating intuitively, and just having fun with the process of making something out of nothing. I am stoked that I get to share my passion for the arts with others daily. Thanks for checking out my site and art offerings.

Did you know?


I love using my art to help raise money for charity. 10% of my sales are donated to my main charity partner, Three Square, to help feed Southern Nevadans in need (yay)!  Thank you for helping me help others through my art, you rock! 

My Mission


My mission is to make art offerings that create smiles and inspiration in both myself and others. I adore when people connect with something I've made enough to adopt it and bring it home.  The every day things we surround ourselves with can have an impact on our daily lives so I always add good vibes and intentions to my creations in hopes that they add happiness to the new owner's life and are enjoyed for many years.