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Welcome to Rainbow Farts Art!

Hi, I'm Susan and I'm the Artist behind Rainbow Farts Art. I love experimenting with new ideas and materials, creating intuitively, and just having fun with the process of making something out of nothing. I am stoked that I get to have the opportunity to share my art with others. My mission is to make art offerings that are fun, colorful, inspiring, and maybe even a bit weird. I love to create smiles for both myself and others through my art. I adore when people connect with something I've made and am honored when they want to take it home. The every day things we surround ourselves with can have such an impact on our daily lives so I strive to create art that will bring good vibes to whatever space it is in. 

So what's with the name "Rainbow Farts Art"? I get asked that question a lot lol ...there's not really a super deep meaning to it, I just found humor in the thought of a unicorn farting a rainbow plus I liked the idea of having a weird business name that reminds me to have fun in my work as an artist. I like having reminders to not take things too seriously and it constantly continues to remind me of just that. When people hear the name it usually makes them laugh and smile, which I love! I like to think of my art offerings as little "rainbow farts"... spreading good vibes wherever they go!   

I'm so glad our paths have crossed, let's stay in touch! 

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