About Rainbow Farts Art

About the Artist:

Susan is an award-winning Artist, Children’s Author, and Children’s Arts Mentor whose works have been collected internationally. She has been featured in numerous printed publications and television shows for her creative endeavors. Her educational background includes an Associate Degree in Fashion Design along with studies in a variety of art disciplines and working with children. She enjoys using her art to help raise money for various charities and donates 10% of all her sales to her charity partner, Three Square. In addition to showing/selling her works and hosting art events; Susan enjoys sharing her passion for the arts with future generations by leading children’s art classes and clubs in the Las Vegas area.  

So, what's with the name "Rainbow Farts Art" you say?

I love rainbows and unicorns plus it's just fun to have a weird business name that reminds me to have fun in my work as an Artist. When people hear the name it usually makes them smile and creating smiles and inspiration is what I strive for in my art. I like to think of my creations as little "rainbow farts" spreading joy wherever they go.

A lil about me...

"Hi! My name is Susan Jean and I'm a Mixed Media Artist, Children's Author, and Children's Art Mentor based out of Viva Las Vegas. I love experimenting, creating intuitively, and just having fun with the process of making something out of nothing. I enjoy sharing my passion for the arts by offering my art to others, volunteering, & hosting events. I think it's awesome when someone takes home a piece I’ve made and I adore seeing other's creative spirits soar when they discover their own imagination magic. I believe everyone is an artist and living life itself is an art.


I enjoy working with various mediums and have made everything from runway fashions to gallery paintings and children’s books throughout my creative career. Lately I've been making mostly mixed media art and children's books. Some of the materials I love working with right now are: acrylic paints, spray paint, stamps, markers, canvas, wood, paper, watercolors, thread, stencils, alcohol inks, reclaimed items (like: food boxes, old art of mine, sewing patterns, fun/funky/vintage fabrics, handwritten papers, tissue paper, event tickets, etc). I love putting inspirational quotes or hidden messages in my works. You may totally interpret an image, symbol, color, or quote in my work differently than I do and I love the mystery in that. I like to keep people guessing.   


I’ve had the privilege to work more fun jobs/gigs than I can count within the creative industries & have owned my own art filled businesses as well. I’ve been creating with various mediums ever since I can remember and sharing my art with others in all sorts of ways since I was a kid; it has always been an outlet & passion of mine and I cherish the gift of being an arty free spirit.  Anything to do with the arts always got my attention growing up and still does to this day. In high school I finished all my general education requirements early so I could focus on taking as many creative classes as I could. I started my college career off by going to school to be an elementary arts teacher and later switched majors. I graduated with an Associate of Science in Fashion Design in 2009 and think life is much more fun in clothes you love. In 2013 I started switching mediums from fashion design to the visual arts and really got into painting after taking a variety of painting classes.  I am constantly studying various art forms and taking new arts workshops/classes to add to my creative skills set. I plan on being a forever student – always learning something new (cuz, why not?)." -Susan Jean