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Rainbow Farts Art, LLC
is based out of Viva Las Vegas and is proud to be a small business founded by a female artist/designer. We currently offer a variety of cool original paintings, canvas prints, children’s picture books, apparel, mugs, home accessories, and other fun merchandise under our brand.

"The everyday things we surround ourselves with can have such an impact on our daily lives so I strive to create and curate artsy offerings that will bring you good vibes and positivity." -Susan Deneau, Rainbow Farts Art Founder
Meet the founder: Susan Deneau is an Artist/Designer and the founder of Rainbow Farts Art, LLC. She lives in fabulous Las Vegas, NV with her awesome little family and is originally from Southern California. Her works have been collected internationally, featured in the media, won awards, walked the runway, raised money for charity, shown and sold in retail shops and galleries, made into children's books, taught in classes, and featured on album covers. She has been creating her entire life and professionally since 2006. She loves experimenting with new ideas and materials, creating intuitively, and just having fun with the process of making something out of nothing. She is stoked to have the opportunity to share her art with others. Her mission is to make art offerings that are fun, happy, colorful, inspiring, and maybe even a bit weird. She has run multiple arts-based businesses, has an Associate of Science in Fashion Design, is self-taught in several mediums, and continues to study various art disciplines and techniques.

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